Police seek help identifying elderly Chinese woman

She only speaks Cantonese and was found wandering a residential neighborhood in Redondo Beach.

UPDATE: The elderly woman found wandering a residential neighborhood in Redondo Beach has been reunited with her family. After taking her to the hospital, staff with the Department of Adult Protective Services were able to locate the woman’s family and arrange for her to be picked up.

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Heads up, Southern California... In Redondo Beach, police are asking for the public's assistance identifying an elderly Chinese woman who was found wandering a residential neighborhood on Thursday morning.

Redondo Beach police seek family of elderly woman found wandering neighborhood

An elderly adult Chinese woman was found around 6:50 AM on Miramar Drive in Redondo Beach. She speaks only Cantonese and is between 80 and 90 years old, 4-foot-10-inches and between 80 and 90 pounds. She is wearing a tan shirt with light stripes, black pants and grey shoes.

Her last name is possibly Lee, Li or Lie, and her first name is possibly Siuwah. Police say the woman is trying to explain to officers where she lives through an interpreter, but the effort has been unsuccessful. It's possible she may have memory issues.

"We've notified surrounding police departments and hospitals in case someone's inquiring and we've contacted Adult Protective Services, who will be responding," Sgt. Edward Jackson told The Daily Breeze.

Anyone who might know her or where she lives is asked to contact Redondo Beach Police at 310-379-2477.


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