Hey readers! Share your Halloween costume photos!

Send in your photos to be included in our annual costume gallery.

What costume will you be rocking this Halloween? In what has become a really fun tradition, we're putting the call out to you, the good readers of this blog, to submit photos of your totally awesome, non-asshole, culturally-appropriate Halloween costumes to be part of our annual gallery. It's always a big hit, so get in on this.

Email your photos to angryasianman@angryasianman.com and we'll put up a gallery of the best ones. It helps to include the names of everyone in the photo, as well as a description of their costume(s). (By sending in your photo(s), it is assumed you are giving permission to have them published on this website and/or social media.)

Photos of cute costumed kids will be given special consideration. Above, we've got young Rockett and Zoe, donning a pair of topical costumes to make statement about the current chaos that is our presidential election. I'm told that there was actually no parental influence on their choice of costumes. It's clear who's got their vote.

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