Your Halloween Costumes, Part One

Our annual photo gallery of reader-submitted Halloween costumes.

Hey, what are you rocking for Halloween this year? In what has become a really fun and super-popular tradition, we put the call out to you, the good readers of this blog, for photos of your totally awesome, culturally-appropriate, non-asshole Halloween costumes to feature in our annual gallery. As usual, you answered the call.

Above, we've got Maija as a Ghostbuster and Gene as Voltron. Thank you to everyone who sent in photos. If you'd still like to submit a photo, send it in! Now here's part one of this year's costume gallery:

Corey as Ash Ketchum and Chandarith as Brock from Pokemon.

Carla as Cruella DeVil and her twin boys Carter and West as her captured Dalmatians. 99 more to go.

Marty as Marty McFly and Calvin as Doc Brown from Back to the Future.


Malcolm as Chucky from Child's Play.

Skylar as Doge Vader and Hudson as Dogepool.

Ryan, age 6, servin' it up at In N Out Burger.

Kate as Katana from Suicide Squad.

Timmy as Monopoly Man.

Ginny as Pocoyo.

Robert and Dubu re-create a scene from Princess Mononoke.

Nisha can do it! as Rosie the Riveter.

Leila as Ruby Bridges.

Ryan and Juliana as Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers from Stranger Things.

Bill as the bao-eating Taiwanese lady who cannot be bothered by a typhoon.

Alton as Professor Utonium from Powerpuff Girls.

"It's great to finally get to dress up for Halloween as a widely recognized Asian female who is not Mulan." Rebecca as Ali Wong -- perhaps this year's most popular costume for Asian American women. To see a lot more people dressed as the Baby Cobra comedian, go here.

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