The Sex Talk, Saying 'I Love You' and Other Awkward Asian Parent Conversations

Jubilee Project's latest video series attempts to "bridge the gap" within Asian American families.

Jubilee Project's latest video series for NBC Asian America, The Bridge, brings together Asian American parents and their children face to face to discuss some topics they may never have broached before -- everything from their family immigration history to love and, yes, sex. (You can actually see mom, dad and kid sweating when the sex talk comes up.) It's both squirmy awkward and tearfully moving.

Check out all the episodes of "The Bridge" below. My favorite installment is Episode 5, where parent and kid stand and wordlessly stare at each other, face to face. You are not ready.

Episode 1: Coming to America

Episode 2: The 'L' Word

Episode 3: The Sex Talk

Episode 4: Love Story

Episode 5: Face to Face

The hope is that you'll watch these videos and be inspired to have a "Bridge" conversations with your own parents. In fact, Jubilee Project is issuing "The 'L' Word Challenge," inviting you to submit a video of yourself saying "I love you" to your parents. You might be included in a future video for NBC Asian America.

For further information and submission guidelines, go here.

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