Ken Leung opens up about the death of his brother

Listen to 'The Inhumans' actor on The Well podcast.

Ken Leung is one of my favorite actors. His credits include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Vanilla Sky, Rush Hour, Keeping the Faith, X-Men: The Last Stand, Lost, The Night Shift, and The Inhumans. Recently, he was a guest on The Well, a podcast about creative inspiration with Branan Edgens and Anson Mount. The conversation quickly becomes personal when Leung shares about the sudden death of his brother.

"Actor Ken Leung woke up one morning to a phone call. It was his father telling him that he had to fly to Thailand to bring back the body of his brother Kevin who had suddenly drowned while on vacation. Ken explains a mystery surrounding the circumstances; and goes on to tell us how the experience of handling his brothers affairs changed his outlook on both his life and his craft."

It's a wonderful, candid conversation that offers insight into Leung as a man and an artist. Listen:

Shout out to Nancy B. at the end there.

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