more extras needed for the wedding palace

Short notice, but if you're in Los Angeles, some more background extras are needed for The Wedding Palace shooting tomorrow. Same drills as the information I posted yesterday. Different types of people are needed. Interested? Read on:
Please send photo(s) to me ASAP (or if you already came today and would like to come again to help out, let me know!)

8:00A Call Time

- Korean Family Members
- Korean Wheeler Dealer Wife (featured)
- Korean Professor Uncle Wife (featured)

9:00A Call Time

- Korean Diners

2:30P Call Time

- LAX Passengers
- LAX Travelers
- Security Guards
- Lookie Loos
If you're interested in being an extra, contact Grace at grace@peachies.net. The Wedding Palace is an indie Korean American romantic comedy starring Brian Tee, Kang Hyejung, Bobby Lee, Steve Park and Margaret Cho.

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