sikh family mistreated by sheriff's deputies

Some news out of Houston, of racism towards a Sikh family... In Harris County, Ramandeep Sinth called the sheriff's office for help when thieves broke in and ransacked his family's home on the night before Thanksgiving. But when sheriff's deputies arrived, Sinth and has family were the ones treated like criminals: Victims Claim They Got Criminal Treatment.

The deputies were troubled by Sinth's turban, which he wears in accordance with his Sikh faith. They were also apparently "freaked out" by his sister's kirpan, and pointed their Taser gun at her. Soon, he, his sister, mother and another relative were in handcuffs, and were questioned about Muslims and terrorism. More here: Sikh family accuses deputies of abuse, taunts.

Sinth was locked up in the back of a sheriff's cruiser, held for two hours, then released with no charges filed. And of course, no one caught the people who actually committed a crime that night—the thieves who broke into Sinth's house. Mr. Sinth was mistreated, violated and discriminated against by the people who were supposed to help him. That's racist!

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