secret identities promo trailer

Fresh from a successful panel over the weekend at New York Comic-Con, Parry Shen sends me this cool promotional trailer for the upcoming Asian American superhero comic book anthology Secret Identities, with a brief look at some of the art and contributors. I've gotten an early look at the project, and it's pretty damn awesome.

Starting next week, they'll be unveiling mini-previews of the stories in "animated" form on the Secret Identities website. Things kick off next week with the preface, then eight subsequent previews showcasing the wide range of stories and creators. The book is due out in April 2009.

Speaking of New York Comic-Con... Here's a video of Daniel Dae Kim looking quite alive and well, being interviewed this past weekend at the Con: Daniel Dae Kim 'Lost' at Comic Con Part 1. He talks a little bit about what looked like his possible death at the end of last season, as well as his ragged return in last week's episode. It seems that we had nothing to worry about all along.

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