what I've been listening to: afterschoolspecial's not one for words

Okay, Dan. I feel like I've been hearing about afterschoolspecial for quite a while now, but only recently got my hands on their EP, Not One For Words. I've given it several spins now, and I'm really digging it. To be honest, I always get a little nervous when friends send me their music. But this is good stuff.

afterschoolspecial is Dan, Jaimie, Brian, Keane, Todd and Josh. Since forming in 2007, the band has been making waves in San Diego's hip hop and alternative rock scene, with a unique blend of hip hop, rock and soul. Think Linkin Park, some Beastie Boys, maybe Lupe Fiasco.

I definitely recommend checking out their stuff. You can download the EP from the usual places, like iTunes and Amazon.com. To learn more about afterschool special, and hear some samples, check out their MySpace page here. Also check out the video for "Not One For Words" here.

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