music video: "offbeat" by clara c

Some more Clara C love for you... With the fresh release of her debut album The Art in My Heart, we've also got Clara's brand new music video for "Offbeat," directed by Ross Ching and produced by Don Le. Really beautifully done. Take a look:

I want to hold hands with this song and jump into a creek. It just puts a smile on my face.For some great behind-the-scenes video, phtoos and info about the concept and production of this music video (including the recipe for those gigantic bubbles), check out director Ross Ching's website here.
I think that the most challenging aspect of this project was the fact that it’s REALLY hard to make large bubbles that cooperate with us. From the bubbles popping and getting goop all over the lens to slippery surfaces to bubbles that pop prematurely, they were really hard to make. Smaller bubbles were easy, but the ones that are the size of a small car were hard to come across.

Another challenging aspect for this film was the fact that there was no budget. Everyone volunteered their time and we had to be at each location without making too much of a commotion so not to attract the police since we didn’t have a filming permit.
Lots of great info there. Anyway, watch the video and enjoy three minutes of indie folk pop goodness. For more information about Clara C and her music, go to her YouTube channel here. And dude, if you haven't picked up The Art in My Heart, purchase the CD for just $9.99 here.

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