these kids will save us from chinese invaders

When our nation is inevitably invaded by Chinese forces, this is the scrappy group of good ol' American kids that will lead the resistance. The first official cast photo of the Red Dawn remake hit the web this week, giving us a glimpse of the new teen commandos, aka the "Wolverines."

In the original 1984 film, a group of teens go guerrilla and fight back when Soviet military forces invade their town. It's safe to say the movie preyed on the worst of America's Cold War fears. In this new version, the kids take on Chinese invaders. Yup. Same fears, different enemy. Funny how that works out.

An early look at the Red Dawn script indicated that the group of insurgent teens included a character named Erica Yu, "the 17-year-old knockout Asian American captain of the cheerleading squad." As you can see, no Asian American cheerleader in this group. According to IMDb, "Erica" is played by the very Caucasian and beautiful Isabel Lucas.

At least we get to see the acting debut of Connor "Son of Tom" Cruise, which is special. And of course, there will be lots of nameless, faceless Evil Asian Invaders, who no doubt will get what they deserve by movie's end.

With MGM's recent financial difficulties, the movie's release was delayed indefinitely, and there was some doubt whether audiences would ever get to see Red Dawn. Which was fine by me. But it looks the studio's trying to get back on the track, and Red Dawn could hit theaters some time this year.

So get you better get your ass ready for the Chinese invasion!

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