randall park signs talent deal with nbc

Speaking of Asian Americans in sitcoms, here's one that I actually want to see rocking it on national television... Recently heard the news that our friend, the very funny and talented actor/comedian Randall Park has signed a talent deal with NBC: Two Comedians Land Talent Holding Deals.
NBC has signed a talent deal with actor-comedian Randall Park, in part based on Park's comedy short Blueberry (video below). In film, Park, repped by TalentWorks and Levity, had a role in Dinner for Schmucks and will be seen in Larry Crowne. On TV, he co-starred in Fox's comedy pilot Tax Man last season.
Not a lot of details on what this actually means, but great news for Randall, who's an immensely talented guy. It's about time someone put him on a damn show.

For more information on Randall and his work (check out his many, many hilarious short films), go to his website here. Also check out the awesome 2 Live Crew-themed guest post Randall wrote for us last year.

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