station refuses to apologize for racist radio remarks

An update on this WYSL controversy... Last week, radio hosts Bill Nojay and Bob Savage made derogatory comments about congressional candidate Nate Shinagawa's ethnicity, name and national origin.

If you haven't heard the comments in question, listen to it here. "People's Republic"? My ass. Nate Shinagawa is a third-generation Japanese American whose family was interned at Tule Lake during World War II.

While concerned citizens and several national groups have spoken out against the broadcast, Nojay and Savage remain unapologetic about their comments. The station posted the following statement from WYSL President and CEO Bob Savage:

Reasonable, fair-minded people are familiar with the tactics of the political left when it comes to attacks on public figures they regard as too conservative or "Republican." It's been seen repeatedly: from HankWilliams Jr., to Rush Limbaugh, to Chris Collins…and now, apparently, The Bill Nojay Show. Progressives predictably ratchet the "threshold of outrage" downwards in Herculean efforts to maintain a politically-useful level of grievance. Such is the case with alleged comments made on WYSL regarding Democrat Congressional Candidate Nate Shinagawa.

For the record: WYSL categorically denies having broadcast anything racist, hateful or discriminatory regarding Mr. Shinagawa or his candidacy. It didn't happen. Period.

Predictably, shrill, over-the-top complaints in the form of truly abusive phone calls and web postings have been conclusively linked to a left-wing political group which is financially backing Mr. Shinagawa. The anti-Nojay campaign is merely political theater staged to raise campaign money from sympathetic progressives and Democrats.

If anyone reading this actually listened in to some of the phone calls to WYSL regarding this whole contrived controversy, you would witness true hate and intolerance - and hear a glaring example of the left's endless thuggish assaults on First Amendment free speech. The nature of the phone calls were such that a property-watch by local law enforcement had to be requested for the WYSL premises. How classy of Mr. Shinagawa's supporters. How predictable.

Nice try, progressives. As Ronald Reagan famously said: "There you go again."
In other words, fuck off. By the way, Bill Nojay happens to be pals with Nate Shinagawa's opponent, Tom Reed. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Reed refuses to disassociate himself from his buddy's comments: Tom Reed Has Refused To Disassociate Himself From The Vicious Racism Of His Top Supporters.

WYSL's management seems to appreciate your comments, so I suggest you keep those messages coming. Feel free to call the station at (585) 346-3000 or fax (585) 346-0450. You can also use the handy contact information here.

For more information on Nate Shinagawa, visit his campaign website here.

UPDATE: Sign the online petition calling on Rep. Reed to tell 1040 WYSL founder Robert Savage and host Bill Nojay that racist behavior is unacceptable: Tell Tom Reed to Denounce 1040 WYSL AM’s Un-American Racist Behavior.

UPDATE: Here is Rep. Mike Honda's statement on Bill Nojay and Bob Savage's racist remarks regarding Nate Shinagawa:
"Upstate New York radio broadcasters Bill Nojay and Bob Savage's recent comments on Nate Shinagawa's name, heritage and place of birth is just another example of far right conservative race baiting. Their comments are simply offensive to the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community.

For the record, Mr. Shinagawa is a 4th generation Japanese and Korean American. He was born in the United States and, as a member of the AAPI community, is part of the fastest growing segment of the American family.

There's simply no place - anytime, anywhere - for this kind of ignorance in the ongoing public debate about how best to move each and every American community forward. Candidates from all across the political spectrum should decry this kind of racism and I hope Tom Reed will take that opportunity in the coming days."
Damn right.

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