Because every photo shoot needs some exotic human props...

Oh, hell. More of this... If you enjoyed all the exotic human props in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, here's some more of that in the same spirit, this time from a luxury retailer: Vietnam And Its 'Exotic People' Are The New Black, According To Absurd Luxury Retailer Campaign.

A new campaign by Americana Manhasset, a Long Island luxury shopping outlet, features pretty, well-groomed white ladies photographed in front of the "exotic" locales of Vietnam, including lots of laboring Asian people wearing their requisite pointy hats. From the Spring 2013 Lookbook:

To be fair, not all the photos include an old-ass Asian grandma. Some of them feature this fashionable gal in front of a temple or something. And a few even include a handsome Asian dude. (Whaaaat!?) But you get the idea -- most of it is played up for its Far East Flava. So is the idea that this whole western-girl-goes-east thing will motivate shoppers to plunk down some more cash on luxury brands?

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