UC Riverside student to stand trial for not one, but TWO ex-boyfriend murder plots

Damn. This is one ex-girlfriend that you do not want to cross. This week, a judge ordered a UC Riverside student to stand trial for soliciting the murder of two ex-boyfriends: UC Riverside Student Ordered To Stand Trial For Soliciting Murder Of 2 Ex-Boyfriends.

22-year-old Barbara Wu allegedly asked her current boyfriend to help her kidnap, torture and murder her ex. She faces multiple felony counts, including solicitation of murder and stalking, as well as charges of vandalism, witness intimidation and making criminal threats.

According to a former boyfriend identified in court records as John Doe, the plot involved kidnapping Wu's former high school boyfriend, torturing him with needles until he surrendered his ATM code, then killing him and burying the body in Mexico:

"She wanted to get back at him and she told me her plans," said the witness, who met Wu at UC Riverside, where they were both students, and dated her from fall 2009 to summer 2010. He said he has needed extensive counseling and took a year off school after his experiences with Wu.

The judge ruled the young man was to be identified in court as John Doe.

First, the witness said, Wu wanted to kidnap her ex-boyfriend during the May 2010 Sun God Festival, a yearly outdoor music event at UC San Diego, where the ex was a student.

He said Wu told him they would subdue the victim with a blow to the head, then take his ATM card and torture him for the PIN code.

"He would be tied up, and he would be sitting there, and there were needles where she would slowly poke it into his hands, his fingertips, until he finally cracked and gave her the number," he said.

"She said she would dispose of him and take him to a different country, in this case Mexico, and dump his body over there," he said.
And that's just one ex-boyfriend murder plot. Another ex-boyfriend, Dennis Lin, originally testified that Wu had tried to get him to kidnap and kill an entirely different boyfriend. Any other boyfriends want to step forward with murder plot stories? It sounds like Barbara has had a hard time finding closure in her relationships.

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