20 Years of Angry Little Asian Girl, 1994-2014

Congratulations on two decades of Anger

One of the repeat questions I've gotten over the years: "Angry Asian Man? Are you at all related to Angry Little Asian Girl?" No. Not in any sort of trademarked affiliation. But I consider her a true sibling in Anger with a capital A. And definitely a major spiritual inspiration for the earliest iteration of this blog.

So, a massive congratulations goes my friend Lela Lee, creator of the comic strip Angry Little Asian Girl, which is celebrating twenty years of anger. Two decades of the baddest little foul-mouthed, middle finger-wielding Asian girl born of paper and ink, who spoke for a generation of Asian American women.

Lela Lee created Angry Little Asian Girl back in 1994 as a short video, made in reaction to some offensive cartoons she saw at an animation festival. Later, she took on the form of an online comic strip, which spawned books, merchandise, and a legion of fans -- including this Angry Asian blogger.

To celebrate these two glorious decades of anger, Lela has posted an online art show featuring some of the earliest renditions of ALAG, and the evolution of her comic strip. Check it out here. And for more on Angry Little Asian Girl, check out the website and follow updates on Facebook.

Again: congratulations, Lela. We salute you!

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