Angry Asian America Ep. 5: "Fresh Off The Boat Coming to TV"

With co-host Jenny Yang and special guests Chriselle Lim and Far East Movement

Hey, everybody! I am proud to share the latest edition of Angry Asian America, my web talk show on ISAtv. In Episode 5, co-host Jenny Yang and I welcome special guests Chriselle Lim and KevNish, Prohgress and J-Splif of Far East Movement to discuss the latest developments with ABC's Fresh Off The Boat, controversy over the show's title, and FM's own struggles with "repping" Asian Americans in their work.

Check it out:

While I felt totally uncool and underdressed in the presence of this episode's awesome guests, this was a fun conversation to shoot. Thanks for watching! To stay up to date on future episodes (and watch past episodes) of Angry Asian America, be sure to subscribe to ISAtv on YouTube.

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