Western capitalist pigs James Franco and Seth Rogen go to North Korea in the first poster for 'The Interview'

Randall Park stars as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un

All right... not too sure what to make of this yet. But I knew it was coming. Here's the teaser poster for the upcoming comedy The Interview, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. The movie also stars our good friend Randall Park... as none other than Kim Jong-Un, dictator of North Korea. Whaaaaaaaaa.

In The Interview, Franco and Rogen play a celebrity talk show host and producer who score the interview of a lifetime with Kim Jong-un. When they are approached by the CIA and asked to kill the North Korean dictator, they become the least qualified men ever to carry out an assassination plot. I'm sure hilarity ensues.

I've been aware of this project for some time, and given the premise, I've been pretty cautious. No doubt, Randall is my dude -- I'm sure he's damn hilarious in this movie -- and I will ride for him all day, every day. There's just an awful lot that can possibly go wrong with something like this. Here's hoping.

The Interview opens in theaters on October 10.

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