Music Video: Beware the suitcase in Spazzkid's "Goodbye"

Mark Redito's prequel to "40 Winks" takes a dark turn.

Los Angeles-based beatmaker Mark Redito makes beautiful, dreamy, upbeat electronic music as Spazzkid. He recently released a new music video for "Goodbye," from his EP Promise. Directed by Czar Campos, and shot in Kyoto, it's a prequel to his previous music video for "40 Winks," which was rather mysterious.

Beware the suitcase. Take a look:

If you couldn't tell from the video's dark turns, "Goodbye" is a break-up song. Mark says it's almost like an apology song to people he's hurt in the past. "I also drew inspirations from people getting over addiction," he says. "In a way, it can be a lot like leaving a toxic relationship."

"Goodbye" is available on Spazzkid's Promise EP. I also recommend checking out his awesome full-length 2013 album Desire. I'm a fan. For further information about Mark Redito and his music, check out Spazzkid's website and sample some more tunes on Soundcloud.

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