Badass cashier fights off armed robber with her bare hands

This guy messed with the wrong convenience store clerk.

File under badass. In Georgia, security cameras caught a fierce-as-hell convenience store clerk fighting off a would-be robber who pulled a gun on her. Punk-ass thief messed with the wrong woman.

VIDEO: Cashier fights back, slaps gun from robber's hand

Cashier Bhumika Patel was working alone last Tuesday at the Keysville Convenience Store when a hooded customer approached the counter with a can of Mountain Dew. (Really, dude?) The gas station's surveillance video shows him pulling out a gun, demanding the cash from the open register.

Not having any of that nonsense, Patel swats at the robber's hand, trying to get the point-blank gun away from him. After several attempts, she ends up hitting him over the head with the register drawer.

Sufficiently scared, the robber runs off. But Bhumika is not done. She pulls out a hammer from under the counter -- because, of course, she's got a hammer under there -- and chases him out of the store. You're damn right, she's got a hammer. Don't make her use it.

Patel says she could tell by the guy's body language that something wasn't right. When he pulled the gun on her, instinct took over. But that instinct was not to retreat -- she fought back.

"He say I shoot you! I say go ahead. If you want to shoot me, shoot me!" Patel told WRDW News.

Bhumika "The Hammer" Patel. A woman who, face to face with a gun, chooses to slap it. A woman who, instead of handing over the contents of the register drawer, uses the register drawer as a weapon.

Police identified and arrested 17-year-old Christian Dakota Thornton, who faces charges of criminal attempt armed robbery, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during a crime.

Cheer up, Christian. You'll always have this heartwarming video to remind you of that robbery gone wrong, and the day you got your ass handed to you by an Indian auntie. Legendary.

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