Police investigating possible hate crime at USC

Student says assailants threw eggs and called him "Ching Chang Chong motherfucker."

Can't a guy just mind his own business and enjoy his Saturday night without some racist asshole neighbors calling him racial and homophobic slurs and throwing eggs at him? Apparently not.

LAPD investigating racist incident in USC Housing

University of Southern California student Ivan Tsang says he was chilling in an outdoor common area of his campus apartment early Sunday morning when some guys from a nearby apartment hurled several eggs at him from their balcony and called him, among other things, "Ching Chang Chong motherfucker gay."

Shout out to the racist guys in room F552 at Cardinal Gardens.

Tsang, who is from Hong Kong, called out the guys from room F552 in a sarcastic public Facebook post.

Good morning people.

I usually don't do shout-outs, but this morning I want to give a wonderful shout-out to the men of Cardinal Gardens, room F552 (see photo), especially to the guy in the cap:

Hi! This is "Ching Chang Chong motherfucker gay". Although I was quite satisfied sitting quietly in front of the Cardinal Gardens fireplace enjoying my own company and the warmth of the fire, you had to add color to my night by throwing

not 1

not 2

but 3 eggs aimed clearly at me, while constantly calling my beautiful name, "Ching Chang Chong motherfucker gay" and other assorted words.

I'm surprised you even noticed I was Chinese from so far away on your balcony. Perhaps you were probably not drunk or high?

Anyhow, I don't have much left to say except that you guys have taught me a valuable lesson about racism and ignorance at USC.

Coming to the US all the way from Hong Kong, I chose USC for the sole purpose of escaping the reality of Racism, hoping to settle in a much more contemporary and diverse community.

I guess I thought wrong.

However, I'm confident to say though, that this obviously does not represent the USC community (unless, of course, more of these incidents show up), and I look forward to your eggs again.

Next time, I would like them sunny-side up please.

Shout out to the racist guys in room F552 at Cardinal Gardens.

Tsang, a sophomore majoring in business administration, says it wasn't even the three eggs that bothered him, but the racial slurs that followed. He immediately reported the incident to the Department of Public Safety. The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating the incident as a possible hate crime.

Ainsley Carry USC's Vice President for Student Affairs, sent out a statement to students regarding the incident. "This act was shameful," Carry declared, "and will not be tolerated at our university."

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UPDATE: The suspect, who claims he is Asian, reportedly apologized to Tsang via Facebook.

"The suspect reached out to the victim on Facebook and tried to apologize," Los Angeles Police Detective R. Saafir said. "He says he's Asian too, that he had a little too much to drink."

Saafir says suspect will still be brought in for questioning by LAPD detectives. Despite the apology, "whenever there is a crime, there is a possibility of charges."

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