Steven Yeun already has a new job after 'The Walking Dead'

Yeun was back on 'Conan' to debrief his departure from 'The Walking Dead.'

It's been a pretty big week for Steven Yeun. Sunday kicked off with the much-hyped (and now very much likely spoiled -- sorry) death of his beloved character Glenn on The Walking Dead. Since then he's been making the post-mortem rounds, including a stop back on Conan to hang out with his old pal and debrief his high-profile departure from AMC's popular zombie drama -- and what comes next.

It turns out that Steven already has a new job to follow-up his exit from The Walking Dead. That was quick. Steven's got a sweet new gig as Conan O'Brien's rehearsal stand-in. Here's the behind-the-scenes footage.

Steven also talks about shooting the shocking death scene, the explosion of grief on social media about his character's demise, and rocking this week's cover of Entertainment Weekly:

Steven also shares some bizarre behind-the-scenes video of him and fellow Dead actor Michael Cudlitz (whose character also died in Sunday's season premiere) killing some time... while wearing horrific makeup.

When you're on a popular show like The Walking Dead, you get recognized in weird situations:

Some faces weren't meant to be swapped:

And finally, Steven talks about the time -- after four years -- he worked up the courage to tell Conan that he's been mispronouncing his name for years, and sets the record straight with the right way to say "Yeun."

Shout out to Steven's cousin Michael.

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