So you've got a problem with our anti-Trump lawn sign...

"Get the fuck off my property."

On this edition of White People Feel Entitled To Tell You Shit... In North Carolina, a man felt to compelled to get out of his pickup truck, walk on to the property of an Asian American household and express his negative feelings towards the anti-Trump sign on their lawn... before calling them the N-word, among other things.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday, seems to have been sparked by the lawn sign that reads "Fuck Donald Trump." (The other signs include "Refugees Welcome Here" and "Black Lives Matter.") Truck Guy claims to take issue with the vulgar language, not the political sentiment -- "I voted for Bernie Sanders," he declares -- but then proceeds direct several varations of "fuck" at the house's residents.

Then, abandoning the flimsy pretense that this was actually about civility or decency, the guy runs off towards his truck, turning around to call them the N-word while making a vulgar gesture towards his own crotch. The guy eventually drives off, but not before declaring, among other things, that he "built this country" and warning that refugees will "steal everything you own" (according to Google, he cites).

Most of the altercation was recorded on video and shared to social media:

My favorite part is how this dude suddenly takes great offense to being called a "cracker," like, thirty seconds after shooting off the N-word like a fucking machine gun. Man, get the fuck off this guy's property, mind your own damn business and go drive daddy's truck off a cliff with that white nonsense.

I expect we'll see a tearful "that's not who I am" lament very shortly. Blame it on the Ambien.

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