depression, suicide and asian americans

Here's an interesting article on dealing with suicides and mental health issues on University of California campuses: Suicides a symptom of larger UC crisis. The story opens with the case of Jennifer Tse, a 20-year-old sophomore who committed suicide at UC Davis in January. She was one of at least nine students who committed suicide at UC Davis during the last three academic years. And of course, the article mentions Seung-Hui Cho and the massacre/suicide at Virginia Tech. Basically, campus mental health services are underfunded and ill-equipped to handle the problems and disorders that walk through their door.

On a similar note, NPR's Tell Me More recently discussed the disturbingly high rate of suicide among Asian American women, featuring views from Aruna Jha of the Asian American Suicide Prevention Initiative and researcher Eliza Noh: Confronting Suicide: Asian-American Women

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