beware the "ninja bandit"

Police in New York have been searching for a costumed crook known as the "Ninja Bandit," a black-clad, masked thief said to be responsible for at least 19 home burglaries since May: Another score for NYC's 'Ninja Bandit'?

The latest burglary happened last week at a home in the Castleton Corners area. According to news reports, the thief entered the home through a sliding door and left with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Beware, because he's even got ninja weapons:
The "Ninja Bandit" was so named after a the intruder wielded a set of nunchucks when he scuffled with a homeowner in his kitchen in September. Other residents have said they, too, have encountered the burglar but the suspect has managed to escape each time.
Elusive, these ninjas are. He's probably some loser dude who's watched a few too many 1980s Sho Kosugi movies. And the nunchucks are probably a cheap purchase from a gift shop in Chinatown. Somebody, please catch this guy quick. He's giving ninjas a bad name.

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