who is the 'filipino monkey'?

So get this. World War III might have been set off last week in the Strait of Hormuz, thanks to the work of a local heckler known as the "Filipino Monkey": 'Iran threats' may have been work of a heckler.

The Pentagon released a video on Friday showing an incident between Iranian patrol boats and U.S. Navy warships, which was prompted by an unidentified transmission threatening to destroy the ships. An accented voice reportedly said over the radio, "I am coming to you... You will explode in a few minutes."

U.S. officials initially believed the message was from Iran, and aimed at the American vessels, but they are now distancing themselves from that claim, saying instead they don't know the source of the transmission.

The Filipino Monkey strikes again! Since the early 1980s, U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf have been taunted by mysterious radio transmissions—often obscene, nonsensical, racist, infantile, misogynistic, or menacing. Sometimes they make threats. Other times they just babble all night long.

The heckler eventually became known as the "Filipino Monkey," because he originally slurred Filipinos with the term. Since then, the transmissions have spawned a legion of copycats wh oare collectively known as the Filipino Mokey. No one has any idea who any of them are. And last week, the voice almost caused an international incident: Did a Radio Prank Escalate Iran-U.S. Confrontation?

Who are you, Filipino Monkey? Who are are you?? (Shakes fist at the sky.) The folks over at the highly entertaining DISGRASIAN have a pretty funny take on the situation: DISGRASIAN EXCLUSIVE: Interview with The Filipino Monkey

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