family used 'slave labor' for bootleg dvd scam

Some news out of England about a family bootleg DVD operation that was busted using dozens of illegal Chinese immigrants as 'slaves' to produce millions of counterfeit copies of Hollywood movies: Jail for family who used 'slaves' to run £7m pirate DVD empire producing 350,000 fakes a week.

Khalid Sheikh, 53, and his two sons Rafi, 26, and Sami, 28, were sentenced to a total of sixteen years in prison. For three years, the family produced the fake DVDs at a phenomenal rate in a series of cramped 'factories' in rented industrial units or houses across London.

These were staffed by 'largely illegal Chinese immigrants', some of whom paid up to £20,000 to be smuggled into the UK to earn money to send back to China, basically living and working in 'virtual slavery. Take a look at the pictures in the article -- they had crazy operation going. More here: Family made £7m in fake DVD scam.

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