sign the petition to establish an asian/asian american resource and cultural center at purdue university

Here's something I can definitely get behind. I've heard from several students about a growing movement to establish an Asian and Asian American Resource and Cultural Center at Purdue University: Time now for Asian culture center, Purdue students say.

The center would provide institutional support for the cultural and social needs of the school's significant Asian student population -- including the second-largest international student population among U.S. public universities -- which accounts for nearly a quarter of Purdue's enrollment.

Students have started an online petition that's quickly gaining momentum:

Currently, the Asian and Asian American student populations make up the largest racial minority group on campus. Unfortunately, a resource and cultural center does not currently exist to support the needs of this large community. In comparison, many Big Ten universities already have, or are in the process of acquiring, Asian and Asian American cultural centers. It is imperative for Purdue University to catch up with the growing needs of its student population. The establishment of AAARCC is essential at Purdue University and will benefit the Purdue community in the following ways:

- AAARCC will be open to all members of the Purdue community, and will serve to educate everyone about Asian and Asian American cultures and communities.

- AAARCC will meet the social, cultural, and psychological needs of Asian and Asian American students, the largest minority population , and the largest international populations at Purdue.

- Provide a home for the numerous Asian and Asian American undergraduate and graduate student organizations.

- Provide students interested in Asian and Asian American culture a collegial workspace to exchange ideas, provide support, and recognize each other as community members.

- Serve as a place for hosting lectures, workshops, films, and other social and cultural events focusing on Asian and Asian American cultures and themes.

- Serve as a space for developing the knowledge and skills necessary to live and work productively in a global context.
Like I said, I can definitely get behind this. I've seen enough ridiculous racist bullsh%t go down on college campuses to know that a center like this invaluable for combatting ignorance and creating awareness and activism for Asian American communities.

To lend your support, spread the word and sign the online petition here: Petition for the Establishment of the Asian and Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (AAARCC) At Purdue University.

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