Rapper Joe Budden posts racist photo of Sikh man

"Not on my watch Homeboy!"

Seriously? Rapper Joe Budden was recently at the airport when he saw an elderly bearded Sikh man in a turban going through the security checkpoint. He snapped a photo of the gentleman with the caption "Not on my watch Homeboy!" -- the insinuation, of course, is that this man is a terrorist.

Joe Budden, Hip Hop Artist, Posts Anti-Sikh Photo On Instagram, Twitter Reacts

The photo, posted to Instagram, drew the ire of folks who called Budden's comments "racism and ignorance at its finest." The rapper was initially unapologetic, telling his critics to "lighten up," but then later changed his tune and apologized for his comments via Twitter:

Our friend, cartoonist Vishavjit Singh (aka Sikh Captain America), responded to Budden's comments with an illustration dropping a few verses of his own:

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