Mayor caught on video tossing dog poo on neighbor's walkway

San Marino mayor Dennis Kneier threw a bag of shit on Philip Lao's property -- the "no poop zone"

Haahaaaaa. Gotcha, sucka! In Southern California, the mayor of San Marino has apologized after being caught on camera tossing a bag of dog waste on his neighbor's property. Yup. Caught on the crap cam.

San Marino Mayor caught on video tossing bag of dog poop on neighbor's walkway

Mayor Dennis Kneier was caught on surveillance video throwing a plastic bag full of dog feces onto the private walkway of his neighbor, Philip Lao. This was no accident. Lao believes that the mayor was upset with him for placing a "NO POOP ZONE" sign outside of his home, as well as his opposition to a proposed dog park nearby.

Here's the video of the mayor dropping off his gift of dog doo:

Kneier sent a letter of apology to Lao, claiming he just happened to come across the dog poops nearby and made the "mistake" of disposing of it improperly -- you know, tossing it in the "no poop zone."

Lao calls bullshit. And dogshit.

He turned the video over to the San Marino police, and says he plans to press harassment charges against the mayor. Authorities are investigating the incident, saying the bag, indeed, "appeared to have been intentionally placed on the walkway entrance." At the very least, Kneier could face fines for littering. Stay classy, mayor.

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