Hey, Jeremy. Need a place to stay in LA? Try Craigslist.

"Room available (Asian American NBA point guard preferred)"

Now that Jeremy Lin is packing his bags and headed for Los Angeles, he's going to need a place to hang his hat. While I'm sure he'll have plenty of choices among the swanky downtown lofts, if he's interested in saving a few bucks, and is feelin' something a little more humble and homelike, there's an offer on the table...

Room available (Asian American NBA point guard preferred)

Here's one Chinese American mom -- a former schoolteacher and "a HUGE Lakers fan" -- who is offering up a room in her house to Jeremy Lin, free of charge. This Craigslist posting, directed specifically to Jeremy, describes an awesome room in a house located in Redondo Beach, with all the comforts and conveniences that an Asian American NBA player might just be looking for. But you'll have to do your own laundry.

Here's the listing:

Room available (Asian American NBA point guard preferred)

My Chinese American mom, a former schoolteacher and a HUGE Lakers fan, thinks that my parents' house would be a great place for Jeremy Lin, if he needs a place to crash when he moves to LA. Mom thought it would be a good idea to put this on the internet just in case it finds its way to Jeremy.

Jeremy, they have a room ready for you:

Room available in Redondo Beach house. Great location, quiet, 2 blocks from the beach, away from the hustle and bustle. A lot of other players live nearby and it's close to the Lakers' practice facility. Lots of Asian churches in the area. Close, but not too close, to Asian communities (kind of like living in Palo Alto but by the beach). Live rent free, just have to do your own laundry and pick up after yourself. . . and also provide tickets to Lakers games. We can carpool to the Staples Center.*

*Yes, these are all things that my mom actually said to me.

Sounds like a pretty good deal, Jeremy. And you can move in right away. Welcome to Los Angeles.

(Full disclosure: I actually know this person, and she is, hands down, the biggest Laker fan I know.)

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