When You Realize He Has Yellow Fever

Jenny Yang re-enacts a real-life encounter with a particularly acute case of the fever.

It's an awkward moment, my sisters. When you're with a white guy, and that unfortunate epiphany strikes like lightning, When You Realize He Has Yellow Fever. My friend Jenny Yang has been there. In this BuzzFeed video, she explains why she doesn't date white guys, sharing a story and re-enacting a real-life encounter with one particularly acute case of yellow fever. It's pretty damn hilarious.

Based on a true story...

This is a story that Jenny sometimes tells in her standup act, and I laugh my ass off every time I hear it. And it's all true. But do yourself a favor and avoid reading the comments on this video.

Scrolls. F*cking scrolls. I love it. Beware the white guy with Chinese calligraphy scrolls hanging in his bedroom. And samurai swords! Asian fetish fools, be warned. we know the tell-tale signs, and we are on to you.


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