"God bless Trump. We're going to nuke you guys."

Hey look, just another racist asshole harassing an Asian woman on public transit.

Can't a person just ride on public transit in peace without getting harassed by racist pieces of shit?

In Southern California, a man was caught on camera verbally assaulting an Asian American woman, insulting her appearance and saying, among other things, "we're going to nuke you guys" and to "go back to Asia."

Jeanne Heo says she was riding the Metro when this guy approached her, asking if she was American and if she spoke English, to which she replied "yes" and then proceeded to ignore him. Which is a perfectly appropriate response in a situation like this. But this fucking guy apparently wouldn't let it go.

While exiting the Metro at the North Hollywood station, he asked Heo, "Where are your genetics from? Do you happen to be from Korea?" When she asked back, "Why do you want to know?" the guy apparently went off.

Heo recorded their interaction and shared it on Twitter.

The guy can be seen flipping the double bird and telling Heo to "go back to Asia" before predictably declaring, "God bless Trump. We're going to nuke you guys. Fuck you." Ah, yes. There it is. Trump. Time and time again, it is the name people love to proudly invoke while doing racist shit.

The tank topped asshole goes on to insult Heo's physical appearance and declare that Asian men have "small dicks." All while apparently pacing around Heo in a circle. Luckily, she wasn't physically harmed.

In fact, according to Heo, "two guys punched this fucker." Oh, what? Do tell more about that part. Because, although I can't condone violence... this guy was reaaalllllly asking for it.

Or, as Heo puts it rather poetically: "NOT FUCKING TODAY SATAN."

So, does anybody recognize this racist assbag?

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