Sound and Fury Podcast Episode 4: Jen Wang

What's up, angry listeners! Huge thank you to everyone who's downloaded episodes 001, 002 and 003 of Sound and Fury: The Angry Asian Podcast. This has been a really rewarding new project thus far, and I've receiving lots of great feedback. Be sure to subscribe if you haven't already.

We're still figuring out a good schedule and workflow for producing new episodes, but it's coming together all right. I'm super proud to present this episode, which features a great conversation with one of my good friends and fellow bloggers, who I've wanted as a guest since when the podcast was just an idea.

So check it out. Here's my conversation with Jen Wang of Disgrasian...

Episode 4: Jen Wang, Disgrasian

In this extra-long episode, I hang out with fellow blogger Jen Wang of Disgrasian.com and chat about about the sweaty business of blogging, kicking ass on the internet and making enemies/friends with Lisa Ling.

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Some notes about this episode:

Huge thanks to Jen for being such a badass. Special thanks to Sabzi for the music. And to everybody else, thanks for listening. If you dig it, please subscribe, spread the word and check back for future updates.

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