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I'm back. And dammit, my vacation was waaaaaay too short. I'm going to need a moment to get things back to normal around here -- you'll have to excuse you me while I catch up on news and sift through the giant heap of email that piled up while I was away. But huge thanks to all the great friends who stepped up to contribute some amazing guest posts to keep things going during my time off. I owe you all a drink!

Here's a rundown of all of last week's guest posts, in case you missed any:

• Lela Lee: You're angry too, you just don't know it yet!

• Dante Basco: Unmasking Boba Fett

• Ada Tseng: Crossword Puzzle: Asian Americans in Film

• Lisa Lee: How to Work It

• Jeff Yang: Why a "Little Bit of Racism" Isn't Something to Sing About

• Roy Choi: Angry Thoughts

• Cara Van Le: Part of Memory is Forgetting

• Tak Toyoshima: Hollywood isn't racist. It's worse.

• Elizabeth Jayne Liu: My Parenting Style: Ignorance and Optimism

• Raymond J. Lee: Here Lies Love - A New American Musical Experience

• Stephen Dypiangco: Asian Bad Guys from Die Hard, The Karate Kid Part II & Rambo II Still Kick Ass

• Karthick Ramakrishnan: Asian Americans: Yes, we're slackers. No, it's not a good thing.

• Dorcas Cheng-Tozun: How to Be Mistaken for a Prostitute in China

• Traci Kato-Kiriyama: "Oldest-and-still-running-Asian American blah blah blah..."

• Jen Wang: Saving My Mother With a Safety Pin

• Dan Matthews: 10 Things I'll Do With My Soon-To-Be Twin Brother

Now, excuse me as figure out what the hell's been going on.

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