Jenny Yang's Smartass Answers for Your Dumbass Questions

"Actually, I'm not that good at math."

Boom. Last month, BuzzFeed put a call out on Facebook for questions to use in a video feature called "Ask an Asian," in which our friend comedian Jenny Yang would answer people's questions about Asian Americans. They received almost 7,000 submissions, and a large bulk of the questions were less than spectacular.

So much ignorance out there. But hey, might as well turn all of that stupidity into fodder for a video. "Ask An Asian" has dropped, and Jenny's got lots of smartass answers for your dumbass questions. It's delightful.

Check it out:

Hell, yeah. Jenny dropping some knowledge with smarts and sass. Shout out to writer Thomas Reyes too.

BuzzFeed, please make this a regular feature!

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