Forrest Wheeler describing a pager will make you feel old

'Fresh Off The Boat' star says it's "like an iPhone." But without a screen or apps.

Photo Credit: Jenny Yang

As fans of Fresh Off The Boat are aware, much of the show's humor is derived from some good old-fashioned '90s nostalgia. But we sometimes forget that the show's young stars weren't even alive yet during the nineties.

On Tuesday at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, comedian Jenny Yang and I hosted a live screening of Fresh Off the Boat, featuring members of the show's cast and crew, including stars Forrest Wheeler, Ian Chen and Lucille Soong, writers Ali Wong and Sanjay Shah, and executive producer Melvin Mar.

During the Q&A, an audience member asked Forrest and Ian, who play brothers Emery and Evan Huang, what Fresh Off The Boat had taught them about 1990s pop culture. Forrest proceeded to describe what he had learned about pagers... and made us all feel some kind of way.

Check it out:

Like I said: thank you Forrest, for making everyone feel hella old.


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