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Asian dude as "Principal Kwan" on last night's episode of Smallville. He confronts the maniac football coach about a cheating conspiracy. The coach (played by the dad from The Wonder Years) happens to have these crazy pyrokinetic powers, and tries to fry Principal Kwan in his car... Why do the fire freaks always gotta mess with the Asians? We can't get a break.


Check this out, from TV Guide:

Fox has assembled a cast of relative unknowns for its upcoming midseason sitcom Eighties - an offshoot of That '70s Show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Geoff Pierson (the WB's Unhappily Ever After) tops a list that includes Brittany Daniel (Dawson's Creek), Chyler Leigh (Not Another Teen Movie), Tinsley Grimes (Never Been Kissed), Margaret Smith (Larger Than Life), Glenn Howerton (TNT's Monday Night Mayhem) and Eddie Shin (Gilmore Girls).

All right! Eddie Shin on a regular series. Dig it. Oh yeah, that was indeed Eddie on ER last week. He's the one who hit Carter in the crotch.


The time has come for me to acknowledge and promote Mongo Needs Women, a web portal collective of Disenfranchised Male Asians to which I belong. Yes. MONGO NEEDS WOMEN.


Markus Fang is a new Asian comic book superhero, published by Top Cow, and created by Rush Hour creator Ross LaManna, actor Russell Wong(!) and Shannon Denton. See here.


Asian dude on ER last night. He played one of the new dorky residents. I may be wrong, but he looked an awful lot like Nakji's friend, Eddie... Was it? I'm not sure. I checked for him in the credits, but didn't spot his name, or any other Asian name in there. Dang. And yo, is Ming Na gone for good? Last episode Dr. Chen quit, because she got totally screwed over by Weaver. But Ming Na's still in the opening credits, so... I don't know. Man, she BETTER still be on the show. Or else I'm writing letters to NBC. No joke.


John Cho is on the new WB show Off Centre. He plays Chau, who works at a nearby Vietnamese restaurant. I haven't seen it. But I'll check it out. Of course, in my book, he'll always be known as the infamous MILF guy from the American Pie movies.


Asian on a commercial for United Airlines. He's a flight attendant, talking about his feelings on September 11.


Kristin Kreuk on last night's premiere of Smallville. She's half. And she's cute.


Asian dude in Corky Romano, played by Roger Fan. He plays Corky's FBI partner, and has pretty big role... Pretty studly guy, but apparently the character turns out to be gay.


Asian lady in the elevator on ER.


Last night, watching Scrubs, one of the funnier offerings of the new TV season. Anyway, the recurring theme for the whole half-hour show was literally "A Little Respect" by Erasure. Yes, Erasure. The extraordinary producers of countless Asian American dance floor anthems. And the song kept popping up through the entire episode, stuck in everybody's head. What sets this off is the opening scene during a surgery. The surgeons are arguing over what music to listen to while they operate... seniority wins out, and the doctor, who happens to be Asian, proclaims, "Erasure!" And there you have it. I'd scream racist! Stereotype! But it was just too damn funny.


Zhang Ziyi in a commercial for Maybelleine. How the hell do you spell "Maybelliene" anyway?


Whoa. Watching the tube. Saw a whole mess of Asians... Over on Enterprise, we've got Linda Park as Ensign Hoshi Sato. I give her props and all, but they've REALLY got to make her character stronger. Only two episodes in, and she's like the most annoying character in the cast. This is not good. On The West Wing, there were a couple of Asian kids in the "Presidential Classroom" group that toured the White House. And of course we've got our man Ajay Naidu, aka Samir Nayeenanajar, who had a pretty big role in the episode... I always like that guy. Is it just me, or did Law & Order have a whole mess of weird references to Asians? In the beginning, the Chinese dishwasher dude is the guy who discovers the body. When they question him, he can't speak English too well, and the mean cop makes a remark on how he should learn English (racist!) but Detective Green yells at him for being a racist mofo. And later, they bring in a Asian gang guy for questioning. I thought he was entertaining, but they make a few Asian cracks along the way. Interesting. The gang member says, "You cops always blame us Asians for everything." Ha ha ha... And THEN, the episode switches gears with all this stuff having to do with an incident in Vietnam, so they bring in this Vietnamese lady for testimony. That's whole lotta Asians on Law & Order. But how about some more Asians in main cast roles, ON ANY SHOW?


Bunch of evil Chinese dudes on the premiere of Alias.


Read this excerpt from Roger Ebert's review of Zoolander:

I felt particularly uncomfortable during the scenes involving the prime minister, shown as an elderly Asian man who is brought to New York to attend a fashion show where he is targeted for assassination. I would give you his name, since he has a lot of screen time, but the movie's Website ignores him, and the entry on the Internet Movie database, which has room to list 26 actors, neglects to provide it. Those old Asian actors are just place-holders, I guess, and anyone could play the prime minister.

Ebert gets it on the money. What's up with that Zoolander? That's racist!

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