asians on survivor... again!

CBS has announced the cast for Survivor: Fiji, and it looks like last season wasn't a fluke—it's just as racially diverse as Cook Islands. I guess the corporate heads realized, hey, it looks like America will actually watch people of color on television! Well, what do you know? There are five Asian American contestants among the new castaways:

Michelle Yi - 23, Cincinnati, OH, Student

Mookie Lee - 25, Wheeling, IL, Loan Manager

Stacy Kimball - 27, Boulder, CO, Interactive Internet Producer

Sylvia Kwan - 52, Ross, CA, Achitect

Yau-Man Chan - 54, Martinez, CA, Computer Engineer

Question is, will I tune in? To tell the truth, I was glad when the last one ended. Not only because Yul won, but because frankly, I didn't want to watch the damn show anymore—it had me hooked like freaking junkie, and I wanted out. But now we have this new season... It premieres on February 8th.

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