racist bullying on big brother

Heard about this happening on the UK's Channel 4... Broadcasting regulators have received thousands complaints of alleged racism in Celebrity Big Brother against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty: Anger over Big Brother 'racism'. Three of her housemates have been seen making fun her accent, as well as derogatory comments about her cleanliness:
On Monday night's episode, Jo reportedly suggested that Indians were thin because they are always ill as a result of undercooking their food.

The trio also complained that Shilpa had touched other housemates' food with her hands.

Danielle said: "You don't know where those hands have been."

Jade Goody's mother, Jackiey Budden, repeatedly referred to Shilpa as "the Indian" while she was featured on the show and was unable to pronounce her name.
It's racist bullying and abuse. Mind you, these are grown men and women, but I guess that doesn't mean much on a show like Big Brother. More here: Anger over 'racist bullying' of Bollywood queen on British TV. And here: Big Brother row reaches Commons. That's racist!

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