racist "joke" in the daily princetonian

This article, by "Lian Ji," ran yesterday in the "joke edition" of the Daily Princetonian. I'm not laughing: Princeton University is racist against me, I mean, non-whites. The piece is obviously meant to mock rejected applicant Jian Li, who is reportedly suing the university for discrimination... but also manages to offend the sensibilities of Asian Americans on multiple levels:
Then she have nerve to say my outside activities were "not all that outstanding." What do you mean not outstanding? I make record for number of science fairs entered. I stay after school with Mu Alpha Theta eight hours everyday after school to memorize the 2,309,482,039,482,309 digits of pi. I play yo-yo. I memorize William Hung dance for college application video (See www.youtube.com for my peformance. Aleksey Vayner's dance scene almost as good as mine. Almost.). I play in New Jersey Youth Orchestra five years in row. Violin, piano, viola, clarinet and cello. All at same time. Not oustanding? Ai yah.
And that's just one paragraph. That's racist! Joke or not, the writer takes way too much pleasure in recalling every offensive Asian stereotype possible for the piece. Contact the editors and let them know what you think, and spread the word. Don't let them hide behind their "joke issue."

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