the mental health history of seung hui cho

A new report provides a detailed, comprehensive look at Virginia Tech shooter Seung Hui Cho and his troubled mental health history: Cho's problems date to early childhood. His teachers said he apparently began showing suicidal and homicidal tendencies by the eighth grade. Fairfax County school officials determined that Seung Hui Cho suffered from an anxiety disorder so severe that they put him in special education and devised a plan to help. His parents, teachers and mental health counselors wove together a safety net that held him together through most of high school and got him into Virginia Tech, but it all fell apart when he got to college, where he stopped getting that help. Basically, there were warning signs. And Virginia Tech was never informed of the problem: Unknown to Va. Tech, Cho Had a Disorder. Somehow, while this information paints a more comprehensive of Cho, it still doesn't make what happened any easier to understand.

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