weirdo steals campus panties

Oh man. Another Asian weirdo in the news... Diexia Wang, a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, was charged by police this week after allegedly stalking female students at the schhool and stealing several pairs of their underwear: UPenn Student Arrested For Alleged Underwear Theft.

He was charged with burglary, criminal tresspassing, harassment and theft after he stole underwear and purses from several women. Police are also investigating whether Wang stalked a woman who lived in a dorm on campus. He may also be linked to several bizarre thefts on campus.

Why, dude? Why? Something is wrong with you. And of course, what do people see when they splash his mugshot across the news? He's just another one of those weird freaky Asian guys on campus. Ladies, protect your panties. More here: Senior arrested for stalking Mayer females

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