while you're waiting for lost to come back...

What do Lost stars do while on hiatus? Yunjin Kim returned to her industry roots to star in the Korea thriller Seven Days, which opened last week in Korea: A Grueling 'Seven Days' for Kim Yun-jin.

She stars as a lawyer who must free a convicted killer in just one week or else see her kidnapped daughter murdered. Cool, whatever. I'll watch anything she's in.

So... the movie's been in theaters a week or so, and we're already talking about a Hollywood remake. Recently at the American Film Market, Summit Entertainment grabbed the remake rights from Korea's Prime Entertainment: Summit to remake Korean film 'Seven Days'.

If they know what's good for them, they should just go ahead and cast Yunjin Kim again for the U.S. version.

In other Lost news, Ain't It Cool News has an interview with Daniel Dae Kim, conducted last month at the Hawaii International Film Festival, at which Daniel served as a juror: "LOST" IN WAIKIKI: AN INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL DAE KIM.

It makes little mention of his DUI arrest, which is just as well. For that, there's the Associated Press, which reports that Daniel entered an initial plea of not guilty to his drunken driving charge at his arraignment on Friday: 'Lost' star Kim arraigned in DUI case

Do not read the rest of this post if you don't want to read Lost spoilers...

Since we're on a Lost kick... One guy I'm really interested in seeing on the upcoming season of Lost is Ken Leung, who was announced joining the cast earlier this year as one of the show's new mysterious characters. A lot of fans are guessing who exactly he might be. So here's a clue... A series of set photos featuring a scene with Ken and Matthew Fox popped up on the web a few months back:

Yes, that's Ken pointing a gun at Jack. It looks like he's parachuted onto the island or something. Who is he? What does it all mean? It's been a long summer, and it looks like we'll be waiting even longer now for answers, with the writers' strike and all. Damn.

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