student column: "if it's war the asians want..."

A student column published this week at the University of Colorado has ignited controversy and enraged students over its racist and inflammatory commentary about Asians: 'Asians hate' column ignites firestorm at CU. The column, titled "If it's war the Asians want... It's war they'll get," was written by Campus Press staff editor Max Karson, who's had a spotty history of controversial writing. He sounds like a racist idiot:
Published on the newspaper's Web site Monday, Karson's piece begins that he's noticed "some tension between the white students and the Asian students" at CU in the past year.

"There's never any outright conflict, but I notice little things," Karson wrote. "Like, Asians always seem surprised whenever I talk to them."

The author describes an incident at the CU Recreation Center in which "an Asian" apparently was confused about which racquetball court an errant ball belonged to.

"The Asian was so jaded by his experiences with the whitebread, brainless tree sloths of CU that even though three people had explained to him that he was trying to return the ball to the wrong court, it was inconceivable to him that we might be right," Karson wrote. "And when he looked into my eyes, it wasn't just irritation and disgust that I saw -- it was hate. Pure hate.

"They hate us all. And I say it's time we started hating them back."
What is wrong with this guy? Is he really asking for it? The article appeared in the opinion section of the paper's website, is apparently supposed to be satirical... but is it really? If you ask me, the guy is trying to vent some of his own frustrations and hate with the Asian student population at his school. "The Asians." Here's a link to the actual column: If it's war the Asians want....

That's racist! It's ugly. He goes on to outline his "plan" for attacking the Asian soul. I think he's trying to be funny. He's not. I'm not trying to fan to the flames here, since it's obvious Karson is the kind of guy who writes this stuff to get attention for his pathetic aspiring journalism career. But damn, this guy is a true flaming idiot. Sadly, I'm sure there's a future place for him at Fox News.

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