asians on tv: bones

I've been tipped that there will be Asians on tonight's episode of Bones. Chinatown episode? I have no idea. But there are certainly enough Asian names in the guest star cast to indicate that there will be an Asian related storyline... Here's the episode description, according to the Fox website:
Booth's detective friend, Ken Nakamura, calls him from Tokyo in a panic when his sister Sachi goes missing in Washington. Booth and Brennan are on the case, and their investigation leads them to a canal where they find Sachi's decapitated head. Booth and Brennan meet up with Ken and trace his sister's life away from home, and their investigation leads them to an elite escort service. When they discover that her roommate is also missing, they must race against the clock to find Sachi's killer.
Uh oh. "Elite escort service"? Tune in and find out, I guess. The episode guest stars Brian Tee, Ally Maki, Robert Wu, Yuji Okumoto, Jina Song, and Jane Park Smith. And of course, there's Michaela Conlin in the starring cast.

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