jinghong kang's killer might face the death penalty

George Huggins was charged yesterday with special-circumstances murder in the downtown Oakland shooting death of Jinghong Kang, who was in town from Virginia for a job interview and was killed after being robbed of $17 -- a case that could bring the death penalty: Death penalty possible in $17 Oakland killing.
Both Huggins and Housley have been charged with murder, attempted robbery and gun violations. Huggins was charged with the special circumstance of committing a murder in the course of a robbery, which could make him subject to the death penalty. Prosecutors will decide later whether to seek lethal injection.

Kang's widow, Wendy Wang, said Wednesday that the death penalty would be appropriate for Huggins.

"I just want him to deserve what he should deserve," she said. "I am just so angry, I can't really forgive at this point."
According to prosecutors, Huggins approached Kang and put a gun to his thigh, demanding money. After Kang handed over the money, Huggins shot him three times for no apparent reason. No resistance, no struggle, nothing. If there is justice, Huggins will get what he deserves, and Jinghong Kang's family will find peace.

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