music video: "gentleman's kool-aid" by ill-literacy

Uh. Whoa. What the heck did I just watch? This is the music video for "Gentleman's Kool-Aid" by iLL-Literacy. It features an impressive collection of action figures and Barbie dolls convening to party one crazy disco diorama. At one point, Lego-head space explorers discover a Red Vine tree. Or something. Also, you might be drunk. Take a look:

Did I just see She-Hulk giving Professor X a lap dance? I'm going to pretend I didn't. Here's iLL-Literacy's third person press release:
Conjuring the power for the 90's kid, iLL-Literacy breaks out with "Gentleman's Kool-Aid," a music video that stretches DIY to the limits. Featuring a hand-made nightclub diorama, action figures from their parents' garages, and hallucinogenic red vines growing wild in the Grand Canyon, the video (shot mostly on a passé 8mm camcorder) is juxtaposed with reinterpreted 16-bit throwbacks that become increasingly psychedelic. The song, "Gentleman's Kool-Aid," questions the concept of manhood through conjured ego, adding another layer to the musicians' representation of their experience coming of age at the same time as the internet.
The music video was filmed and directed by iLL-Literacy and Karen Lum (who directed the fan-friggin-tastic "Slip of the Tongue" a while back), and edited by Mandel Lum. For more from iLL-Literacy, check out their website here and their Facebook page here.

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