music video: "that thang" by jen kwok & danakadan

Awwwww yeah. Jen Kwok and DanAKADan are coming at you with this hot new collaboration, ready to get down and do That Thang -- and they're not messing around! But what exactly is "that thang"? No, seriously -- what are we talking about? I'm not sure Jen or Dan even know. But they seem to really mean it. Check it out:

Funny stuff as usually from Jen Kwok. And Dan, you're pretty funny too. The video was directed by Ballard Boyd, and filmed during a one-day shoot at the Performing Arts Center in New York. You can download the song for free from SoundCloud here.

For more from ukulele funny gal Jen Kwok, check out her website here and her YouTube channel here. For more from DanAKADan, check out his band afterschoolspecial's website here and their YouTube channel here.

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