music video: "you can't stop it" by paperdoll

Paperdoll, one of our favorite bands, just released the music video for their brand new single "You Can't Stop It." I am digging the song. And seriously, lead singer Teresa Lee kicks all kinds of ass. You actually can't measure how much ass she kicks. It's just that much. Take a look:

I'm proud to say that I actually had a small hand in helping this music video come together. A little while back, the band put out a call to track down the dancing dude in this video, so I posted something about it. Somehow word made its way back to the guy, Hans -- all the way in Ohio -- and they put him in the video! Here's a behind-the-scenes thing on the making of the music video:

It looks really cold in there. If you like the track, you can download "You Can't Stop It" from iTunes. And for more information about Paperdoll and their music, go to the band's website here and their Facebook page here.

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